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About us

Based in the Principality of Monaco, Financial Strategy SAM is a leading wealth management company that has been in business for almost 20 years.

It originates from the alliance of several independent private companies focused on offering advanced financial solutions.

The resulting collaboration and synergies have produced a blend of resources: human, technical and logistical.

Financial Strategy SAM is in the top four of the wealth management industry in Monaco, it prides itself on delivering a premium service to its clients by focusing on capital preservation, performance and transparency.

Our global network enables us to provide tailored solutions to meet our client’s needs and protect their interests.

Our company aims not only to experience but to the continuity and the change of generations, in fact, currently there work a total of 14 people whose ages ranging from 60 to 25 years and all are available to the customer 24/7.

Our main custodians